Artist Raphael Grischa & the Animals

Theadora Curtis

Raphael is a magical being who came into my life through mutual friends. He is the kind of person who makes breakfast every morning if he’s crashing at your place while here from Europe, sends postcards from every country he visits on holiday, and refuses to consume or offer produce that wasn’t purchased at a farmer’s market. Not only does Raphi have astounding natural talent but also a work ethic that makes him impossible to tempt away from a day’s project early, no matter the potential FOMO.

Below are questions I had Riph Raph answer because I want to know his mind – how convenient a site is – and of course his glorious artwork.

What inspired your focus on painting animals?

Animals are powerful creatures and we humans have strong connections to them. We live with them, we believe in zodiac signs, we eat and wear them. I want to show the beauty of these beings.

Where did your segmented style originate from?

The structures were born out of a mixture of wild styles I sketched back in the day combined with Swiss serenity.

Do you have a favorite color?

Colors are very challenging to me…

What artist(s) dominate your work playlist?

Kendrick, Morten, J. Cole.

Studio space or outside?

Outside! With people!

Apocalypse by ice or fire?

Ice, our planet is already too hot!


IG el_grischa . Facebook . 




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